The Descent Into Chaos

So I lack follow-through. As in I have a tendency to start things and then not finish them for ages if at all. One time I made my mom get me a rug-hooking kit when I was a kid (because what kid wouldn’t?) and there’s a chance that thing is still unfinished somewhere in my closet.

Which is all a way of saying unexplained and extended hiatuses may be a regular occurrence. Anyways I think my original plan was I was going to review books and things here, but clearly that’s not working out as idealized. This is probably a bit due to the fact that with the end of summer came the end of my motivation to read. I’m currently working on Veronica Roth’s Insurgent (or rather Insurgence because I bought the first one in French for some reason and I can’t change languages mid-series cause that would be ridiculous). I don’t know if it’s due to the translation, or if its just total overexposure to young adult dystopian novels but I just can’t seem to care. I like it fine when I’m actually reading it, but I feel no motivation to pick it up again once I’ve put it down (and I read all three hunger games books in under 24 hours, to the point of giving up on sleep). It’s just that I feel like there are better things I could be doing, like marathoning American Horror Story, or watching all four HalloweenTown movies in one day (including the terrible and unforgivable one where they replaced real Marnie with Sara Paxton).

The early 00's were a high point in cinematic history.

The early 00’s were a high point in cinematic history.

Which is a really long winded way of saying that this blog may devolve into just random posts about whatever I happen to be thinking about without any coherent flow. You know, the ol’ narcissistic nonsense that is to be expected of millennials.

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