NaNoWriMo Check in and Speculation

So I am officially past the 5,000 word mark in NaNoWriMo which puts me at 10% of the way through this. So far I’m not exactly thrilled, or even really happy, with what I’ve written thus far, but I’m hoping that the writing calibre will improve as the month wears on? (That sounds totally plausible, right?)

Anyways, because I can never be doing just one thing while I’m on the computer I needed something to watch whilst writing: enter a Gilmore girls watch through (for like the seventh time).

There are definitely things I forgot about season one, like that there was a time when I didn’t always hate Dean, or that Tristan was finally starting to turn into a sympathetic character and then Chad Michael Murray went and got his own show. (Although early seasons of One Tree Hill = also fantastic). I just wonder what they would have done with the Tristan storyline if One Tree Hill had never happened. What ever happened to Tristan DuGray? (It’s possible I am way too emotionally invested in the lives of these fictional characters.)

Look how adorable he was when he wasn't being a total slimeball.

Look how adorable he was when he wasn’t being a total slimeball.



So today is Hallowe’en, which means tomorrow is the first day of November, which signals the start of NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. Basically, it is an challenge/project/probable insane idea to write a 50,000 word novel during the month of November (or just over 1600 words a day).

It’s been happening for years, and growing in popularity all the time. This year is the first time since I’ve heard of it that I don’t have university/midterms to worry about during November and I figured I would give it a (hopefully successful) attempt.

I think I tried last year, but then a 15 page report/term paper (which was for marks instead of fun and therefore mattered)┬ápre-empted all of my time/typing ability and I didn’t get very far.

I also feel like declaring my intention to actually try this this year will help motivate me to do something, because I hate giving anyone other than myself even a chance to think I can’t do something (my ego apparently bruises like a peach). And if anyone reading this also happens to be attempting this ridiculous feat and happened to want a writing buddy they can find me here.