The 100 Foot Journey

So I watch a lot of Food Network. I don’t know why. I love watching the cooking competition shows, something about them gets to me on an emotional level. Plus the food always looks amazing. One of my life goals is to judge something like Iron Chef and actually get to eat that amazing food. Anyways, the relevancy of this story is that the Food Network is the only channel I’ve seen the trailer for 100 Foot Journey on, and a couple of weeks ago I went to see it.

It is beautiful. Seriously, everything about this movie is gorgeous. The cinematography, the scenery, the food, Manish Dayal. All GORGEOUS. Also, the storyline and characters are pretty cute. After watching this I wanted to go move to a small village in southern France, and do all of my shopping at tiny little market stalls, and I really wanted Indian food.

That’s it. I just really kinda wanted to rave about this lovely little movie.